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Congratulations, as you celebrate the birth of your child! Infant Baptism celebrates your child becoming a member of the community of believers.


Baptism preparation should be done during pregnancy or begin 60 - 90 days before Baptism.


Parents must live within the boundaries of St. Paul Parish and/or be registered, active parishioners. If you do not live in St. Paul’s boundaries, you are required to be registered and active for six months before having a baptism.


If you belong to another parish and are requesting to have your child baptized at St. Paul for family reasons, we must have a letter of permission from your parish to celebrate the baptism.


Set up an Interview with the Baptism Coordinator. You will receive a baptism packet that will need to be returned to the Faith Formation Office no later than one month prior to the baptism.


Paperwork included in that packet is:


1. Statement of Intent - parents’, child's and godparents' basic information, please print clearly; the baptism certificate is typed from the information on this sheet.


2. Godparent letters - godparents are to sign them themselves and have them signed and sealed by their parish stating that they are eligible to be a godparent.  Eligible godparents are practicing Catholics that have been Confirmed, celebrated first Holy Eucharist, are at least sixteen years of age and married in the Catholic Church (if they are married).  We need the original letters signed and sealed by their church. Canon 873


Parents and godparents are to take a baptism class. Baptism classes at St. Paul’s are generally held on the first or second Saturday every-other month. When you meet with the Baptism Coordinator you can sign up for the baptism class. If you or your child’s godparents take a baptism class at another parish, we will need a letter from that parish stating that a baptism class was taken.


We do not schedule a baptism until the paperwork is completed and turned in to the Baptism Coordinator in the Faith Formation Office one month prior to your child’s baptism.

Baptisms at St. Paul's are held on the third OR fourth Sunday of each month at the 11:00am Mass. Parents and Godparents are to be at the Church at 10:30am for rehearsal on Baptism Sundays. There are no baptisms during Lent. Turn in your completed Statement of Intent and Godparent letters one month prior to be on the baptism schedule.


Guidelines for Parents when Choosing Godparents


In the baptism of infants, parents take responsibility for choosing a godparent(s) who will serve as good examples for living the Catholic way of life. A godparent can later serve as a sponsor of the child when he/she is Confirmed. Godparents should be ready to commit the time and personal care to nurture and support the child and the parents(s). This support should be seen as ongoing through this family’s journey of faith. They need not be in your will as legal guardians if anything should happen to you, the parents.


It is customary to have two godparents, however only one is required for baptism. A godparent may be either male or female. Ordinarily if two godparents are chosen, one must be male and one female. Canon 872


Only one of the godparents has to be an eligible Catholic and the other godparent can be listed as a Christian witness.  A Christian witness can be baptized in any other religion, just not Catholic. Canon 874


One’s godparents can never be changed since they are historical witnesses to the baptism.

Due to cultural traditions there is no reason why others may not serve as honorary godparents to be part of the ceremony and an important part of the child’s life. They are not listed on the child’s baptism certificate.


Please turn in your completed Baptism paperwork and refer Baptism questions to the Baptism Coordinator in the Faith Formation Office­.


Contact: Romano Cedillos, Baptism and Marriage Preparation 602-866-8484